Here are some idea's for things not to forget for your trip. From seasoned veterans of Negril. 

Here's some must pack essentials: 

-Many hotels in Jamaica do supply beach towels, but always check first. You can buy beach towels from many different craft vendors on the beach or at the round about. 

-Floats are wonderful to have. Nothing like floating all day in the ocean while sipping a cold drink. Bring your own and you can leave it there if you want for someone else. 

-Snorkeling gear- Great snorkeling can be had at the cliffs; Xtabi will let you snorkel from there free of charge. 

-Water Shoes- For the waterfalls. 

-Bug Spray- It's hot and humid, perfect for bugs at night. Also sand fleas can be bad in some areas. Bug spray with deet is the best. 

-Sun Screen- Their sun is very strong, and sun poisoning is no fun. I typically use 30+, trust me. 

-Waterproof bag for the beach and / or small waterproof container- Good for holding money, lighters, or keys. Do not leave cash on the beach. A small container is good for keeping your stuff on you while swimming. And the waterproof bag is great for those afternoon showers that always roll thru at about 2pm, while you are on the beach. 

-It's hot and humid during the day and cools at night, dress accordingly. 

-Insulated travel mug- So your drinks can stay cold while you are in a hot climate. Makes your frozen drinks last that much longer. Also makes for fewer trips to the bar. 

-A small first aid kit, with Band Aids, Tylenol, Pepto, Imodium, Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream and Dramamine. Just because you never know. 

-Sunburn relief of some sort. Aloe, lotion and asprin are recommended by dermatologists, as is a cool bath or shower. Whatever will help, like any type of burn. We've all been there before. 

-Underwater Camera- Especially if you snorkel. Also good so you don't worry about your expensive camera getting wet while on the beach or if an afternoon shower rolls in. 

Just a side note** 

Jamaica is a very poor country, as you all know. Many places take donations of all kinds for the children of Negril. School supplies, clothing, toys and childrens books are always in need. If you have any room in the suitcase and have some old toys, clothes, books, or get some school supplies out of the kindness of your own heart, please bring them on down. Many resorts and restaurants will take the donations to different area schools. Check with your resort to see if they take donations. I know the larger resorts (Superclubs, Sandals, and Couples) all take donations, as well as some smaller establishments (Treehouse Resort, Rockhouse and Selina's Coffee Bar). You could always contact an area school to see what they need and drop stuff off there yourself. You may get the surprise of your life when you see how excited the children get, and how your gift lit up so many faces. Thank You!!!