Here are some great links with even more information on Negril and Jamaica.


Web Based Jamaica Sites:


Trip Advisor-

A great message board and source of information when looking for objective opinions on where to stay. This site has many frequent Negril visitors who can help with almost any question, or give some unique idea's and advice.



Another good site with a lot of information and a message board as well. Covers not just Negril but all of Jamaica.  



This site has a lot of information on where to stay, play, transportation, and a sometimes informative message board. Can seem a bit tight with only a few members.


The Real Negril-

A place to check out live broadcasts from Negril. See broadcasts from Selina's, 3 Dives, Jah-B's, Catch a Falling Star and The Boat Bar. Also with real time chats.

Jamaica's Law Enforcement and Government Sites:


The Government of Jamaica-

Jamaican government links, mission statements, and proposals.


Jamaican Constabulary Force-

Jamaica's police force website. An interesting read.


Negril Associations:


Negril Resort Association-

Negril Chamber of Commerce-

Negril Tourist Association-

Rotary Club Of Negril-

Negril Travel Guide-

Charitable Organizations for Negril and Jamaica in General:

Friends Of Jamaica

A non profit charitable organization that is dedicated to improving educational opportunities and medical care for the children of Jamaica.

Negril Education Environment Trust

The Negril Education Environment Trust (N.E.E.T.) is a non-profit organization based at Travellers Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Understanding the importance of an education, N.E.E.T.'s vision is to give this priceless gift back to the children of Jamaica.

Issa Trust Foundation

A non profit organization founded by the Couples Resorts. The mission of the Foundation is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and education, community health improvement and other services to promote well-being and development for the people of Jamaica.

Project One Love

Project One Love is a Non-Profit Faith based charitable organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities for the children of Jamaica. They are committed to doing everything they can to improve educational opportunities for these, and many other Jamaican children. Helping them realize their full potential. 

Jamaica Red Cross

The Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross- Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality- guide all of our work. These principles allow us to provide help immediately to whoever needs it, wherever they are, whatever their race, political beliefs, religion, social status, or culture.

Web Based Media for Jamaica:


The Jamaica Observer-

On line Jamaican Newspaper. Reports news from all over Jamaica.


Jamaica Gleaner-

On line Jamaican Newspaper. Reports news from all over Jamaica.


Jamaica Star-

On line Jamaican newspaper, but with many stories that seem a bit far fetched. Also has many reports on larger names in Jamaican entertainment.


Radio Jamaica-

Like our NPR. Another site to get the news from Jamaica.


Irie FM-

A very popular radio station in Jamaica.


Directory Assistance

Island Of Jamaica Yellow Pages

Jamaican Utility Sites:


National Water Commission Jamaica-

Find out more about Jamaica's water supply.


World Electric Guide-

This is an informative site that has the electrical current from all over the world. Makes it easier to see if you will need an adapter.


Information on Animals, Insects, Diseases and Parasites:



Read about Jamaica's crocodiles on Jamaica's Environmental Trust website.


Sea Bather's Eruption-

Read all about sea bather's eruption. What it is and how to cure it.


Creeping Eruption/ Ground Itch-

Not a pleasant thought but it's a possibility. Read what it is and how to cure it.