Here's some idea's for where to eat while in Negril



As for nice places to eat there are a few.



Here are my top places to have a romantic meal, or celebrate any special occasion:




Norma’s @ Sea Splash is a beautiful establishment on the beach with an al fresco tropical feel. Norma's is perfect for a romantic evening for two, but can also accommodate larger scale parties as well.  The food is top notch, as is the service.

*Call (876)957-4041 ahead of time for complimentary pick up from your resort.  You just have to pay to get back to your resort.


Rockhouse Restaurant is one of my favorites. The sunset views and ambiance can't be beat. Set up on the cliff’s, overlooking the ocean, the view is simply magical. The food is excellent, and the staff is very professional. They now have The Push Cart right next door. Located in the old "Pirates Cave" property. Smaller selection, and less expensive eats, with a great view. 


*Call (876)957-4373 ahead of time for complimentary pick up from your resort.  You just have to pay to get back to your resort.

Kuyaba is also very nice, right on the beach. With rope swings at the bar the feel is very tropical and romantic. The food is also wonderful, as is the staff.


*Call (876)957-4318 ahead of time for complimentary pick up from your resort.  You just have to pay to get back to your resort.

Ristorante Da Gino @ Mariposa hideaway is wonderful for Italian fare. Right on the beach, they have a cover patio area surrounded by beautiful foliage. The food is fresh and delicious.

La Vendome at Charella is a French fusion restaurant. I have heard many good things about. Be prepared to dress up for this dining experience.

Here are some everyday food places that are great as well.

-Cosmos- Some call it church on Sundays. Where you will see many locals with their families eating. Great inexpensive lunches, seafood, etc. Very fresh.

*Call (876) 957-4784 for free transport from your hotel to Cosmos or for free food delivery to your hotel.


-Chances- Good pizza, and you get to take pictures with a Jamaican bobsled.

-Best in the West (on the morass side of the road by Coco LaPalm)- Amazing jerk chicken. It’s a small stand, with a bar right next to the BBQ. 

-Island Twist on the Beach at Rondel Village- Open for all meals this restaurant serves up some great fresh food. Irie offers many seafood dishes and authentic Jamaican fare on their menu. Entree's come with pumpkin soup and rolls. Erroll serves it all with a smile.

-Jah B's Restaurant- If Duke doesn't get you in there, just the smell of the food cooking will. Located on the morass side of the road, serving traditional Jamaican dishes.



-Mama Flo's- For the early riser, this beach side small relaxed establishment serves up some great traditional Jamaican fare. You can watch the world go by the center of the beach and maybe have a chat with Carl.

-Fun Holiday- Known for 2 for 1 seafood dinners. Many dinner and drink specials. 

-Alfred’s Ocean Palace (on the beach)- Great breakfasts, pretty inexpensive. Banana pancakes, French toast, and omelets. They also serve lunches and dinners.

-Selina's- Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Known for Big Roy’s banana pancakes, and fresh Blue Mountain coffee. A bit more expensive than Alfred’s, but many feel it’s worth it. Check out their boardie brunch on Sundays. *see link on Negril links page.

-Jamaica Tamboo- Known for it’s Lobster pizza.

-Miss Sonia's- All kinds of patties fresh and inexpensive.

-Juicy J's- Jamaican food by roundabout


-Sweet Spice- Great food for great prices. On Whitehall Road towards Savannah La Mar.

-Niah's Patties in the lot at Waves is not to be missed. Great chill guy, that makes meals for patties. Delicious. 


The following restaurants are located on the West End cliffs:








-Chicken Lavish- On the cliffs. Inexpensive lunches and dinners



-Just Natural- My favorite for French toast and frozen fruit punches. Located on the cliffs across from Xtabi. (ITAL)

-Xtabi- they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can snorkel right from their cliffs.

-Sips and Bites- Great food with great prices


-Choices Restaurant- Jamaican food at good prices.

-The Hungry Lion- Jamaican fussion cuisine. Mostly ITAL. Also boasts an art gallery.


-LTU pub- the same sunset as Ricks, but less crowded and inexpensive. Great for early dinner, or just grab a drink to watch the beautiful sunsets.

-Ivan's Bar at Catcha Falling Star. Born like a phoenix this beautiful restaurant was the aftermath of hurricane Ivan. Boasting a beautiful view, lush grounds and delicious food. This is a must try. 

I could go on forever but there are some ideas for starters. Try to get up to the cliffs. The vibe there is just so chill. It’s a very different feel from the beach.



***When you see the word ITAL on a restaurant sign that means they prepare and serve Rastafarian meals. Just means all natural. Rasta’s are vegetarians. They use all natural ingredients. It does not mean Italian. ***