Here are a few helpful tips for first timers.


Traveler's Tips: 

-Many hotels and resorts will have tour desk's that can help you with any activity you wish.

-Many boats can be found up and down both the beach and cliff area. Boats can be chartered for fishing, snorkeling, sight seeing, or a picnic lunch on Booby Cay. Captains will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. Again bartering can come in handy to get some great prices on fun day trips.

Taxi Tips: 

-For lower cab fares go outside your resort and walk. Cabs will pull over. Look for red plates. You say your price. Don't let them tell you a price. If it's too high keep walking, there will be another cab, trust me. For around $100J you can go from RIU to the roundabout, or from the roundabout to the cliffs. $300J should be enough to get you from beach road to cliffs, usually. Everything can be bartered. We mean Everything. ALWAYS AGREE ON A PRICE BEFORE GETTING INTO A CAB. 

-Always use a licensed taxi; Route Taxi, Big Ship Tours, Juta Tours, Esperanza, Alfred's, and Sunshine Tours are a few names. Make sure their licence plates are red. That means they are licensed to drive tourists. 

-If going out at night you may opt to pay $10USD PP for a cab for the night. Your driver will either wait for you outside the club or set up a designated pick up time. Make sure you write down the cab drivers name and cab #.



The Jamaican J to USD. $1.00=$85.00-$90.00J. Most places will accept, and love, USD. Especially for tips. Always bring your travelers cheatsheet with you. That way your exchange rate is right there, and it's wallet size! Check out the link at the bottom of the page. 

Jamaica Time: 

Jamaica time, or Island time, is not just a joke. Things really are a bit slower there. Life is not as fast paced as it is here. So slow down. Never go to a restaurant starving. They actually make your food. It's not sitting under a heat lamp. It's real fruits in your fruit juices, not a bottle. So relax. Go out. Have a drink, chat with friends and enjoy. You're not at home. Leave your watch there though.

A Few FAQ's: 

General Tips: 

-Most hotels and resorts have safes in the rooms. Please use them to lock up your valuables (jewelry and extra cash) as well as your plane tickets and ID's. If possible take a copy of all your ID's with you just in case they are lost or stolen 

-Before coming make sure to bring MANY small bills for tips. 

-Although drugs may seem plentiful they are illegal. Possession of "ganja" and hard drugs carries a stiff penalty . Although mushrooms are legal. 

-Although you may see a 10% service charge when dining out. That charge does not go to the servers. Please tip as you would at home, your servers will appreciate your kindness. Worker make extremely low wages, you would be surprised to learn of their weekly salaries. 

-Jamaicans do not see dogs and cats the way you are used to seeing them. They are protection. They also cannot afford to take care of their animals the way you are used to seeing them being taken care of. They do have fleas, heartworm, ringworm, roundworm, hookworm and many other parasites. That being known be careful where you walk barefoot. If there is an area known for having animals put your shoes on. Ground itch, or creeping eruption, is not fun! Jamaicans are not starving their animals. They are thin and typically healthy. Animals should not be as plump as we are used to them being. *For more information please see the links on the Negril Links page. 

-Many major airlines fly into Montego Bay. Direct flights can be found through US Air, Jet Blue, Air Tran, Air Jamaica and Delta.